1. Not lean, nor thin.
2. Not "fat", but curvaceous.

You are perfectly un-skinny.

Growing up, I was never very skinny. I've struggled with my weight for years. I was taunted for being overweight & felt very unpretty. Until now I still get called "fat", which is a word that I despise very much because that's what I've been called almost everyday of my life by the people I love the most. "Un-skinny" is my word for being less offensive to someone who isn't particularly skinny, nor fat.

Now that I'm 20 years old & my 21st birthday is about 9 months away, I want to take control of my weight & most importantly my health. To do this, I'll be following the Weight Watchers Points program for the next few months.

My Current Weight: 178 lbs.
My Overall Goal: 125 lbs.

I'll be weighing in & going to meetings for the first time next week. I'll be sharing my experiences, new things I learn, different recipes & of course my progress as I go. So I hope you all enjoy! (:

Love, Celina